Hi friends, lovers and friend-lovers,

some of you may have heard it already - the chain is going to be broken finally...

By the end of the year we painfully had to realize that keeping this band on the run ate more and more of our time and power. As some personal situations have changed since a while (we have jobs or do some university stuff, some of us have or are going to have children...) it came out more and more that we will not be able to play in this band as we used to - though we have never been workaholics in our rehearsal room and on the booker phone...

So, this week, after a very nice evening at a bar in Potsdam we decided to call it quits in a friendly and relaxed manner. No hard feelings, only a little bit of sadness and disappointment, but also pride and satisfaction at sight of almost 6 great years together and some really great releases (well, in our opinion...)

But we won't simply fade away without a sound - there will be a final farewell show at the start of our "career", the Black Fleck in Potsdam, on April 25th 2008. So far, THE NOW-DENIAL have confirmed being with us on our last show ever, another great band will be confirmed soon and you all can expect an outstanding evening full of thrashing hardcore punk and lots of beer! Keep the date in mind though you can guess that we will pronounce it again occasionally.

Cheers to you all who helped us out during the last year and to all who somehow appreciated what we were doing - you all made the whole thing worth it!

we play 2 last shows in april 2008 in potsdam and berlin! check our site for more infos about it or check the other site here

next stop:
23/11/007 Kombi, Nünchritz (w/ Situations, ShortBreak and more) flyer

24/11/007 Club Charlotte, Potsdam “Freies Radio Potsdam Soli” flyer

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